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Yeah, but so what? Visualizing the impact by Nheeda Enriquez

I’m eternally advocating the use of good information design and visuals, and every time I see a good one, I take notice and tell everyone I know.  Especially if it translates what would have been hard to interpret data and answers the question: “Yeah, but so what?!” to make is useful.


This one by Dutch design firm Studio:ludens animates the amount of a good that is produced a second.  If I just read the facts verbally, they wouldn’t be as interesting, but showing us what that means in the context of something I am familiar with (in this case, time) then it comes alive.

Another example I saw some time back is a Microsoft commercial attacking the iPod for its Zunepass music subscription service.  Even though I’m a longtime Mac fan, this campaign actually got my attention by reframing a simple pain: it takes $30,000 to fill your iPod with songs.