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Speed Street and Lateral Thinking by Nheeda Enriquez
May 25, 2009, 8:40 pm
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Last weekend was the annual marketing extravaganza known as Speed Street, the NASCAR-themed street fair in the heart of Uptown Charlotte.  For 3 days, racing sponsors offer their wares, live music and and autograph sessions for their spokesdrivers.  As a designer for Ingersoll Rand in a former life, the NASCAR promotions were natural…all the pit crews use IR’s tire tools.  But there are plenty of sponsors that require a little more lateral thinking when it comes to tying them to their brands to the racing theme.


I caught a glimpse of the General Mills display (primarily Cheerios and Hamburger Helper) who were giving away product samples and hosting a Chex “most popular driver” contest.  They start to make the connection of families and moms by promoting a blog (who isn’t even a mom, but at least follows the sport.)  But what other promotions could you tie in to relate to ‘moms on the go,’ beyond having Clint Bowyer wear the Hamburger Helper hand?  GoGurt go-karts?  A race to cook the fastest dinner with Hamburger Helper?   Forcing the two seemingly unrelated brands offer a topic for a fun brainstorm session.