It happens here: Consumer-centric Innovation in Charlotte and beyond

Charlotte’s Creative Vitality= 0.75. (Yikes?) by Nheeda Enriquez

I attended a presentation today releasing the findings of a study called the Creative Vitality Index for Charlotte, put together by the Arts and Science Council and the Chamber of Commerce.  The study, conducted by a research group in Denver, concluded that there was a slight decline from 2006 to 2007 from .78 to .75.  (The baseline score is 1.0, and for comparison’s sake,  Denver is 2.8 and Portland is 2.13.  However, the authors cautioned to read those with a grain of salt.)  Silver lining: the Meck county figures in at 1.4.  Not sure if this is Richard Florida’s vision of a creative city, but I guess we can work on it.

How do you calculate a region’s relative vitality?  Here’s what they used:

  • Income of traditonally non-profit arts organizations as well as some with a record of arts activity
  • CD and bookstore sales per capita
  • Musical instrument and photography store sales per capita
  • Motion picture theater attendance
  • Art gallery and museum revenues

It will be interesting to see (1) how the metrics will change with the continuing digitization of media and (2) what the number will look like post-recession.  Read the full report here.

The best part was that event took place at the nifty new theater in the NC Music Factory.  I didn’t take any good photos because the weather stunk, but CLTblog has some good pre-opening shots here.