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It’s all in a name by Nheeda Enriquez
May 16, 2009, 2:19 pm
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ally_logoIn a smart move to rebrand its image (and separate itself from potential stigma from its automotive roots,) GMAC announced that it is renaming its online arm to Ally Bank.  This reminds us other famous brands that have reinvented themselves post-downfall, usually followed up with improved results.  Valu-jet to Airtran?  Phillip Morris to Altria?  Blackwater to Xe?  Anderson Consulting to Accenture?   Except for Xe, these names happen to begin with A.  I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence, but Brandbucket shares some insight on naming here.

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I saw my first television ad last night. I thought it was clever and catchy. Unfortunately, the ad RIGHT after it was for Alli, the weight loss product that has some nasty side effects. I’m afraid there may be some brand confusion between the two, especially when they run back-to-back.

Comment by Jason Ward

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